Top 10 Travel Accessories

While planning a trip, it is very important to pack some travel accessories, so that you can enjoy a comfortable and secure journey.

Travel guide map
Always carry a guide map along with you so that its easy to locate the destination you are looking for. Guide map makes your trip comfortable and you can easily find out the way to the place you want to visit.

Cameras counts to be one of the important accessories, included in your traveling kit. Sweet memories can only be cherished with the photos that has been captured in your camera. Treasure the unforgettable moments spent with your loved ones, in snaps and videos.

Money belt
Money is one of the important essentials to be kept safely. When you carry lots of cash, care must be taken that it is kept somewhere inaccessible to pickpockets. The best place to store your valuables stuff is money belt. Belt is worn inside the clothes, so that its not visible and your money is saved from pick pockets.

Sleeping sacks
Sleeping sacks needs to be carried when traveling in sleeper class of Indian trains. If you want to have a sound sleep, hide yourself in cocoon (sleeping sacks) where you can snore, hide valuables and use as a barrier to the worldly disturbances.

Books and gadgets
While traveling, sometimes you feel bore, stuck at one place. Enjoy your journey in company of some interesting books or carry gadgets like iPod, MP3 players etc. to listen to your favorite tracks and doesn’t get annoyed with unwanted sounds.

Advanced equipments like Binoculars are designed in such a way that it doesn’t occupy much space in your traveling kit. With the help of binoculars, you can see the far away attractions using maximum zoom and have a close encounter with interesting things.

Travel first aid kit
Always carry first aid box, you never know when it comes in need. Unfortunately, if you meet some small accidents and get minor injuries, the kit is very helpful in such a condition.

Power cut in some areas is very frequent. So it is highly recommended to carry flashlights or small battery torch.

Eatables and water bottle
Though snacks and other eatables are easily available, but it would better if you carry some kind of snacks like biscuits, wafers, chocolates etc. especially when you are traveling with kids. Water bottles should be always with you, because sometimes due to dehydration you will very thirsty and need lot of water.

Sanitizer and tissue paper
Always carry sanitizer kit along with you as ‘health is wealth’ and to stay healthy its important to stay hygienic.

The 7 Most Vital Travel Accessories

Any experienced travel will have a travel accessory that they couldn’t live without, I have decided it was time that someone made a list of the seven most vital travel accessories in the hope that your travels will be more organised, safer, and more memorable.

1. Money Belt: They come in an incredible number of shapes and sizes and not all of them are actually belts! But as far as travel accessories go you will not find any that are more important. Keep your cash, your passport and your life safe and store your valuables in your money belt.

2. Packing Cubes: When travelling you are most likely living out of a suitcase, and not being able to find your camera or your iPod because its lost in your luggage is a problem that you should have on holiday. Packing cubes allow you to stay organised and will mean that you need less time for packing and allow more time for partying.

3. TSA Locks: As far as travel accessories go, they don’t get more important than your luggage locks. Unfortunately since 9/11 customs officials in various countries now require access to your luggage at all times, and that means that traditional locks just get cut off. But the TSA locks are approved by the travel authorities and can be opened by customs officials without destroying your locks.

4. Travel Pillow: Most people will say that good neck or back pillow is their most vital travel accessory. Anyone that has been on a 14 hour flight from Melbourne to LA will understand exactly what I mean. Having a sore neck or back can really affect the way that you enjoy your holiday, so think about your comfort when you fly.

5. Pressure Reducing Ear Plugs: This is not a travel accessory for everyone, but for people that have had top fly with an ear infection, perforated ear drum, or even just the common cold will know how painful the change in air pressure can be. These earplugs will control the speed of the pressure change in your ears and as a result reduce discomfort and pain.

6. Luggage Tags: This is the most simple and probably the cheapest of all travel accessories, but if you eve loose your luggage you will thank your lucky stars that you got some.

7. Travel Adaptor: The annoyance of not being able to charge your phone, iPod or digital camera while on holidays is avoided with this handy travel accessory. But make sure that you get the right plug for the country that you are going to; any good travel accessory website will give you a run down of what plug you need for what country.